Friday, January 7, 2011

My Love For Oreos!!

Well, here I am sittin at home on a Friday night. .I'm not hangin with friends, Landon is already in bed, and Bj is downstairs watchin football. Here I am; upstairs with 'Forest Gump' on the TV, a big glass of milk by my side and wouldn't you know there's an oreo after oreo being devoured into my mouth.
But WAIT!!!!
Before I get into this any further: I think I should probably devote a THANKS to my husband for going out in the snow to Kroger and getting me my MILK!!! Because God knows you can NOT eat America's Favorite Cookie without milk!
But anyway: anyone who know's me well know's I have an obsession with Oreos. But it's ok. However, Although I love Oreos so much I am thinkin I need to cut down on my Oreos and....GET A LIFE!!!! lol.
But for now, Enjoy my pictures of me and my best friend: Double Stuff Oreo.

1 comment:

  1. Lani,you really are a dork but, you know I love you. you look like you were really enjoying them oreos. Next time try getting a life and coming up to my house and bringing the oreos with ya.