Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinner Tonight

I always love being able to sit down at the kitchen table for dinner with my family. It's such a blessing just being able to sit together, smile, laugh and talk. Tonight was no different.

Landon got his own plate and forks/spoons for Christmas this year and we've really been working with him on using his utencils. He feels so BIGsitting at the table and not his high chair. He's especially been doing well using his spoon. Every time he successfully gets a spoonfull of food in his mouth we clap our hands and say "YAYYYYY!!!" He gets the biggest smile on his face!

The story on his hat?? Uhm..He keeps making me put it on his head and refuses to take it off. SO FUNNY! lol

Our cat Boomer even decided to join the family at dinner tonight :)

To end this, I'd just like to say that Family is such a blessing. I LOVE mine so much :)

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