Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Osborne Update

Ok so like always it's been a while since i've posted. It seems like life keeps getting more busy for our family and deffinately more fast paced. It's like one thing after the other, which is a good thing though (i think) But's the update on our little family :)

1.) Yes Bj went for his interview but they didn't call him back...which we weren't really interested in the job anyway because it kinda had crazy hours and a lot of traveling so we weren't too heartbroken about it. He did just have another intereview on Monday to work at a Chiropractic office in Louisville and they said that they were going to call him for a 2nd we're crossing our fingers for that!

2.) I GOT TO START MY JOB! I started last Wednesday the 16th, If you've forgotten: the job is at Eriksen Chiropractic which is a newer office (Since November anyway) in Bardstown. It's in the building where Shrewsbury Dentists office used to be (which is also right by Shrewsbury's new office) I've GOT to say that this is the first job I've had that I've actually enjoyed! I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH! complaints at all and my employers are absolutely awesome. Their awesome doctors too..honesly; chiropractic helps with TONS of problems!

3.) Landon is just cute as always :) lol. he's starting to talk more which is awesome and he's started to dance to music too. It's so cute! He's gettin to the age where he's having actual fits though so It's a new phase we're trying to get through lol. He throws himself on the ground and rolls around and just cries. I try not to let myself feel bad and cuddle him so I've had to just walk away and let his fit pass. He's always been teething A LOT. Their all coming at once!!! lol. He's gotten 2 k-9's and 2 molars so I know he has to be in some pain. Good thing we have like 6 tubes of orajel!

4.) Today Bj and I went to see an oral surgeon to have a consiltation to get our wisdom teeth removed. It went pretty good all they did was take x-rays of our teeth and talk to us. Bj's surgery is next wednesday and mine is March 17th...which i didn't realize was just 2 days before my BIRTHDAY until I left the office...bummer but oh well..just another year i guess!! I also learned that a bump that has formed on my gums may be cancerous if it gets bigger so it wasn't really what I wanted to hear but I'm not too worried about it right now..the doctor didn't seem too worried anyway..

So anway..gotta end with some pictures of course!

So Last Saturday it was pretty nice outside so we decided to take Landon to the park. He had been like standing at the window for days just begging to go outside so there was finally a day that was nice enough to take him. He had a blast!!

(he like tripped and rolled and then he was like a turtle and couldn't get it was kinda funny)

Saturday night we got to go to Louisville and spend some time with Bj's sisters Jessica and Amanda and Jessica's boyfriend Josh...FUN TIMES :)

I just think this is pretty funny lol. My boys are JUST alike!

And here's me in my work scrubs :) can say it.. I'm cute! lol.

So there's the update! Hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Startin to look up :) This is a long one..proceed with caution!

So I haven't blogged in about a week so I guess I better get on it..It's been a very good week and very eventful for us Osborne's.
Last Saturday Bj and I went on our Anniversary date and it was a lot of fun. Bj's sister Jessica babysat for us and gave us the whole night off which was amazing in itself! We went to The Cheesecake Factory and It was nice to just be able to sit together and talk. And it was even a little Romantic lol. Plus the food was awesome. It's always so weird for us when we don't have Landon with us though. I find myself looking for him in the backseat a lot...It deffinately reminds me of how much I adore being a Mommy. :) Anywho..I'd post pics of us that night but their not uploading unfortunately..maybe later

Last Sunday Bj was ordained into the Melchezediek Priesthood at churc which is just an amazing blessing. He bore his testimony in front of our congregation and it was just a really spiritual day. I reflected a lot on family that day and it really strengthened my testimony on Family. It's pretty much the most important thing in my life and I feel so blessed to be in the tight-knit family I'm a part of. I wouldn't trade any part of it for anything!

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly which was really good. Tuesday was Bj's last day of classes for school and it made us start counting down til Friday which was his last day of Clinicals!!! Which brings me to say...YAYYY!! BJ'S DONE WITH SCOOOL!!!! lol. This was probably the most exciting part of our week because it's what this whole past year has been leading up to. And even better..he's already been asked to come in for an Interview on whoever reads this..PRAY FOR HIM! lol..I know I will be

I hear a lot of people saying .."If things couldn't get any WORSE.." well right now I'm sayin "If things couldn't get any better..." because today I was offered a job!
In one of my previous blogs I talked about getting rear-ended in my dad's truck...well the Chiropractor I've been seeing for my whiplash offered me a job in their office. I was like "HECK YEAH JUST TELL ME WHEN TO START!!" but she said when they start gettin more patients she'll let me I'm pretty excited!

I'm not trying to like brag or anything and I hope all of this doesn't sound like I am..but I'm just so happy for how the way things have been going for my family lately. We've been so blessed and I just wanna thank God a million times for all of these amazing things that have been presented to us.
Sunday (well I guess Today now as of 15 minutes ago), it's been a year since Bj got baptized into our religion. Soon we will be getting sealed in the Temple and I know his decision to be baptized was the best decision he could ever make!!!

ANYWAY....Here's a few pictures from the week :)

 Showin off my new flower bow my niece, Skyla gave me!!! Had to beg her for it but she finally gave it up! She made it herself and she's taking orders!! lol