Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blah Blah Blah Said The Crow

So I'm not sure why I named my title the way I did but I think its pretty neat; like a band name or something lol. But anyway I haven't posted in a while so I thought tonight would be pretty good. This week has been just as my Title states: Blah Blah Blah. It's been a pretty crazy week. Well Since thursday anyway...

On Thursday I had two early morning appointments starting at 8:30, and then the next one was at 9:40. Talk about CRAZY morning trying to get everyone ready; especially when Landon isn't used to gettin up an hour and a half earlier than usual. He was NOT a happy camper. But anyway as if I wasn't having a very fast paced day already on my way home from my 2nd appointment I was gettin ready to turn into my parent's subdivision and I get REAR ENDED. I was driving my Dad's Ford Excursion so it hardly got any damage to it because it had a hitch on the back. The car that hit me was pretty messed up though! Sucks for her I guess..but this wreck gave me some pretty bad whiplash so I get to go to the Chiropractor every day for 10 days and probably for another month. (BTW Eriksen Chiropractic is AMAZING!!, I deffinately would refer them to ANYONE) So anyway, I've been in some pain the last few days. I really wish I had copies of my xrays to post!!

Friday I helped Mom make the cake for my little sister, Lindsay's Birthday party. I think it turned out pretty good. I've been kinda gettin into cake decorating since Landon's 1st birthday. I think i do a pretty good job but deffinately need a little more experience. I'll post a picture of Lindsay's cake later :)

Today was the party. Mom called me at 8:30 this morning and woke me up wanting me to help her get things today, I was over there by 9:45 and she deffinately kept me busy all morning. The party was at noon and it turned out pretty good. I always love just sittin around with my family. Especially my sister's. Their my best friends in the world and they always put a huge smile on my face :D Next in line would be my nieces. Their so beautiful and are growing up so fast!!

Today we also welcomed a new addition to our family. My sister Larinda asked us to take their dog because their moving into a different place. His name is SPOOKY and he's deffinately adjusting well to our home.

Tonight was also pretty fun. Bj's sister Jessica came over just to chill for a while. She's so fun to just talk to and we looked at dresses together for Bj and mine's anniversary. We also decided to PLAN nights to go out and have fun. Which I REALLY need! Because frankly, lately I've been feeling more like 30 rather than 19  :(

I'm so glad tomorrow is Sunday!! I'm ready for the day of the week where I can just fill it with thoughts of our Heavenly Father. Having a good Sunday always makes my week go by so much better. Even though this week was kinda crazy, I really don't feel like it's brought my mood down. I'm just so thankful to God that I wasn't driving my car and my son wasn't in it with me, there's no doubt we would've been in way worse condition.

Anway It's time to end this REALLY long post. I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!
 Here's a picture of me and my nephew, Joshua I took today.. He's so darn cute!!!


  1. You know. I wish I lived back home sometimes.
    So I could take Landon from you..and you and BJ could just have a nice relaxing weekend of sleeping in and noooo worries!

  2. lol that would be nice :) your a good friend like that! Willing to do all that and stuff. I wish you were here too :(

  3. I am hoping a less stressfull week is on the way for you! :) I am glad spookster is adjusting well with you guys, I already miss him but I'm sure he will be very happy with you guys.