Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Tired!!

So like I said in my last post I've been sooo BUSY! My new job has deffinately been keeping me on my feet which is a good thing though. I've come to love helping people and thinking of others before myself which makes me feel great! And I know that I'm just becoming more closer to the Lord by doing what I do.

Landon has been very accident prone lately and it's really been making me feel bad :( It seems like every time I turn around he has a bruise on his leg or his forehead and the other day while I was at work he got his first bloody nose! Most of this is caused from him trying to run faster than he's capable of which causes him to trip and fall. I hate coming home and seeing him hurt though and I feel horrible when I'm not there when it happens to make him feel better :(

So I went to the dentist on Tuesday and got 3 cavities fixed! I hate getting shots in my mouth so badly and I was pretty much freaking out after I saw every needle he put in my mouth when he was preparing for it. I don't really like my dentist that much and i plan to switch after I get the rest of this work done. I also asked my doctor about a problem I've been having with clenching my teeth when I sleep. I walked out of there with the knowledge that I have something called TMD which is a Jaw disorder which basically means that my jaw is off of alignment and is probably the cause of a lot of pain I've been having.  So as much as I hate making trips to the dentist..I get to go back on the 14th to get it looked at a bit more closely. And then on the 17 I get to to see the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed...oh and did I mention my birthday is the 19th????? Yeahhhhhhhh.......

So yeah thats the update with me right now... On my last note a friend of mine and bj's passed away last night. His name is Chase Keith and I ask anyone who may read this to pray for him and his family during this time.


  1. wow I can't believe your dentist did not even try to conseal the syringes. what a jerk! I am so happy that you like your new job and that it is working out for you. As far as Landon is concerned, I think it is a boy thing. Evelynne wasn't too accident prone and she never had a goose egg or anything but Bryce and Bradon on the other hand seem to have gotten bruised up much more. IDK I guess I'll have to see how Joshua turns out.

  2. i know bryce and brayden gets bruised up ALOT. Acually, bryce has a goose egg right now! He fell on the playgound and bumped his head at school. He has acually gotten a HUGE eye from getting hurt. Well, i git 2 go, LOVE YOU SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!